The Biggest Fashion Trend of Now

Pearls, A line dresses, elegant classy outfits, then boho, bell bottoms, minis skirts and knee-high boots, I just love the 60s, if I could travel in time I would definitely spend some time in this very influential era on fashion, till today many of the modern fits and designs are actually traced back to the 60s, back in the days, designers offered fashion, some big names influenced the trends, and then you see almost everyone wearing kind of the same clothes, and just by looking at a photo from back then you can almost precisely tell which era was that..

For example when you see structured shoulders, chunky jewellery, high waisted jeans, tights, sequins, bold colours, and everything oversized you definitely know it’s the disco fever of the 80s!

Back to now.. I imagine if we were in the future and trying to define the fashion era of today it would be almost undefinable! almost everything is in for now, there are no rules, no borders, and the ones who are really and actively influencing the trends of now are people, you decide how a piece of fashion should look like, for example tailoring and plaids are a big trend now, you used to see this worn only for the office with a very formal look, now you can wear them with bulky sneakers, jeans, or a tulle skirt.. you make it your own, you decide how it’s worn, there are absolutely no rules, you can mix patterns, you can go back in time to the nostalgia of the 90s and have the glamour of  its vintage printed shirts.. you can play with colours and cuts, and make it very personal..

Social media has taken over the industry, this is the main reason why the power now is in the hands of the consumers, and in fashion in specific, the power of image and the speed of its reach now and the full connectivity of the world had all helped greatly in reshaping the whole process, street fashion now is almost the core of fashion and high end brands are even borrowing ideas and lines from street! and yet we live in a very global and connected world now, the trend of now is “Go Local”, and so it is for fashion, people are modernising their traditional and local clothes, and it’s influencing fashion, brands of all ranges are offering special editions for different markets.

It’s also very interesting how the choices and callings of our lives have changed in almost the same matter.. we used to be defined by certain clear paths, since you were a child you know you should study this to become that, and that’s it, so we became engineers, teachers, business professionals, lawyers, and so on, but the people of now are beginning to see things differently, and a lot of us have something on the side, like blogs, free lancing, online businesses.. to build something new, we’re not afraid of trying new things, experiencing in different areas, and doing a mix of jobs.. and so we’re becoming more  like “portfolio people” having a career, going after a dream, infusing hobbies and interests into it, and trying everything possible!

We are living in one of the greatest times of fashion and life in general! so go ahead and mix and match with the trends and pieces, jobs and experiences, play around, be happy with what you wear and what you do, go local then global, make it personal, because the biggest fashion trend is YOU, and you get to decide..

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