When I First Met My Kitchen

After my first “non-cooking” marriage year, I felt that we needed the healthiness and warmth of home cooking! so I’ve been working on my cooking skills for a few months now.

Although cooking is not my passion, I’m finding it really fun and interesting, and it made me think, we all have lists of things we want to learn in our minds like maybe some foreign language or dancing.. but sometimes it’s good to get yourself into something out of your check list or “bucket list”, each one of us has needs to improve in some areas in our lives for some reason, and weather it’s something that will help you in a responsibility in your life, like maybe parenting or gardening or something that can improve your job.. or some random hobby you would never think of doing, like painting although you think you’re not gifted to do it.. I think things that are out of your comfort zone, talents, or even interests, may bring up the most of you and help you discover more about yourself.

The thing is, learning a new skill not only helps you improve in that area but also has a huge effect on you overall..

Let’s start with brains! in simple words, learning new things helps rewiring your brain by linking previously learnt subjects with newly acquired information, this makes your brain more active and focused, and it literally changes the chemicals of your brain leading to more excitement and joy!

On a spiritual level.. when engaging in an activity of learning a skill, specially when it involves learning in action and executing, you are basically in a state of mind similar to meditation! that means your mind cannot think of anything but this very moment. This is where all the joy come from and it affects the quality of your life greatly day after day.

Another thing I love about this is the obsession part! when I started cooking, at the beginning I felt like wow this is harder than I thought! but after a couple of fail to mediocre trials I started to see some impressive results! and that’s when I became more into this, I started getting excited about it, watching cooking videos, reading recipes, asking my mom about cooking tips, exchanging recipes with friends and family, planning a meal a day a head, and then shop for the ingredients and tools, and then working it in the kitchen, it is all fun and exciting!

Specially in the beginning of practicing a skill, you start to think of it everyday, relate a lot of things to it, wanting to know more about it, it challenges you, and the more you enjoy it the more you want to practice it, and you get excited for the next time.. well, does that remind you of anything? dating, or when you first met your love! not exactly of course but think of the similarities, it says it all, think how good that is!

later on when the heat of the new sparkles cools down, you either develop a new interest or even passion in life out of that skill, in which you will put a lot of energy and time, and find a link between it and your purpose or path in life.. or you will simply gain a new competency that will make your day to day life or at least part of it easier. in both cases it’s really nice and interesting to test the potential of your mind and your capabilities, then stretch it, and live a new experience within the smallest things..

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