Sometimes I like to set in the streets of this busy city Dubai, and I start looking at people,

how they dress, how they walk, and act ,

I have always considered fashion as a story, a story for everyone and of everyone,

I can see a story in why people dress the way they do,

Why did they decide to wear this today 

Its related to their personalities,

their moods,

Thoughts, and even intentions. 

This is how I see fashion, I see it as a form of art which is in a non stop form of evolution, I see everything through it, 

Fashion is about culture, history and arts, 

You can even see fashion in architecture, and it tells a lot about who made this up because its about soul, 

You can imagine how those people who built this building, or live in it look like because some parts of their souls are still up there in every shape, 

You can hear what people think and feel through their traditional wear for example,

and it can tell about the deepest glimpse of how a whole nation think.

My great passion and interest in fashion and style, made me always curious about fashion trends, gave me a better understanding of the market needs, and helped me greatly in my fashion business: Kookla Boutique.

So what is the story about Kookla,

My Kookla is a stylish lady, who has a young free soul, she’s powerful and modern yet feminine and rooted, she has her own unique style and she knows what she wants, I design and acquire contemporary selected items to be sold under her name ”.

I get inspired by great people, art, books, cities, summer vibes, and all the beautiful little details in life. 

Today I start this journey of discovering myself and others through fashion and all other means of inspiration.. 

Alia Keilani

Fashion Professional


Recruitment Consultant

Sales and Marketing Specialist