When I feel the sunshine in the very early morning,

When my eyes meet the moon after a long heavy day,

Or sometimes if I hear a very old song through the radio station,

And always when I smell a cup of coffee being prepared in a rainy day,

I hold my pen and write…

Writing for me is talking with myself,

It’s laughing with strangers in a very busy street,

It is having fun with my favorite friend,

And it is the space where I own myself,

It is my kingdom with open doors to all the visitors on this earth,

I write stories,

Stories about love, stories about war, stories about a woman, about a man or about a little boy….

I write stories about heart, mind, and soul,

And that is the thing of all,

which makes my heart smiles and my eyes laugh.

Farah Alkhatib

published my first novel in Feb 2017 ” باحثات عن حياة”


A banker for 8 years

Freelance copywriter

& a Happy mom 🙂