When I First Met My Kitchen

After my first "non-cooking" marriage year, I felt that we needed the healthiness and warmth of home cooking! so I've been working on my cooking skills for a few months now. Although cooking is not my passion, I'm finding it really fun and interesting, and it made me think, we all have lists of things … Continue reading When I First Met My Kitchen

The Biggest Fashion Trend of Now

Pearls, A line dresses, elegant classy outfits, then boho, bell bottoms, minis skirts and knee-high boots, I just love the 60s, if I could travel in time I would definitely spend some time in this very influential era on fashion, till today many of the modern fits and designs are actually traced back to the … Continue reading The Biggest Fashion Trend of Now

Life Coach ّوتد ويلا

كأنما هي على ضفة نهر عذب الماء، في اولى ساعات صباح صيفي، اغتسلت بماء النهر فراحت قطرات الماء ترسم وجهها منجديد لتكن في أجمل مرة ترى فيها نفسها، انعكس وجهها المنير في اجزاء المرآة المتكسرة داخل حجرة مظلمة استقر فيها ضوء الشمس من ثقب صغير في الحائط…